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Thank you to all of you for the past four years. Thank you so very much for being there for me, for the joy you've brought to things, for the silliness, for the late night conversations, for the company.

I hope to keep in touch with many of you for the rest of my life. One way or another. Infrequently perhaps, but still connected. If you ever need me, or want me, find me. I will listen.

I think I may need to disappear for awhile (from lj, from schmack, from wiki, maybe from aim) (perhaps for a couple of weeks, perhaps for half a year). But, I will come back. So long as I am not killed or am not in a place where internet is impractical, you have my word that I will come back to you (if not to schmack) in a year.

If there is anything you want me to see or think I would want to see, please email me to be sure I see it. I may, as I said disappear for awhile, but I will for sure get email. If I don't reply to email eventually, assume something has happened and please email again. Also, for the time being, assume I am local to the Seattle area and if you happen to pass through there I would love to hear from you and perhaps if I am still local at that point we can get together.

I may keep contact information at Contact Information, but I'm not sure how good I'll be at keeping this updated.

Today is my sister, Bridget's, birthday.

For those of you wondering about my future, I'm heading back to Washington (I'll stay a few days at Sunriver in Oregon on the way up) and looking for work. There will be time now that classes are over to look into this more thoroughly than I have at school. It is possible that I will eventually end up in grad school, goodness knows I like learning, but for now I'm stepping out of academia. Any advice or help you can give me in finding a stimulating job (somewhere greener than LA), would be very very greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated today. Best wishes to all of you both graduates and non graduates. Keep in touch. Take care,
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