May. 12th, 2005 03:23 am
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I have recipes posted here. (There should be five blocks of posts.)

If you can't see the contents of the posts at the above link and would like to, please let me know.

If you have recipes posted that I have your permission to include links to, let me know. I'm not sure yet if I'll add a post of links, but I've been contemplating it (if given permission).

The posted recipes are from my notes of what we make and eat at home.


Apr. 25th, 2005 08:46 pm
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Twelfth Night (Shakespeare Class Play)
When: Friday & Saturday, April 29 & 30, 2pm
Where: Thomas-Garrett

A few notes on my calender for next several weeks. May be updated later. )
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Could I sit on someone's floor and work on homework?

Elicia's Recital is at 3pm Saturday this weekend and I'm going to As You Like It Saturday night.
(How does one dress for going to plays in LA?)

Emily and I are driving down to San Diago Sunday.

We had auditions for Shakespeare class today.
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Would someone loan me a good book sometime soon (this weekend), please?
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New Dimension Games

Meant to post this last July, but things happened.

I have a high school friend who I visit periodically. A couple of years ago she began dating, and thereby brought into my acquaintance, a gentleman who's dealing with a challenge that surprised and interested me:

So, you've spent most of the last decade writing role playing books, fantasy novels, and board games wrapped around some core conceptual themes. Your creations have finally come to fruition: the role playing books are printed and your starting to sell several lines of them. (The completed novels you've shelved for the moment in order to work on selling the games. The board game(s) (well at least the one I played) had cards that looked store bought and was good enough to be very marketable but it is too costly for you to produce and sell yourself. You've been submitting the board games to Wizards of the Coast and the like but without particular luck so far.) You're selling role playing books in some retail stores, but you make almost nothing off the books in that way. You've put up a website, but people are more likely to buy things if they can see what they are buying or have heard of it before. How do you make money off of your work in order to continue to do what you love? How do you bring your work to the attention of the people that need to see it?

The challenge didn't really sink in to me until I sat in the dungeon room listening to figures of number of books made, cost of production, cost of sales by mail order, cost of sales in stores. (Some retail stores carry his books, but they take enough of a cut that he sells through retail stores in order simply to increase publicity.) To hear figures (which I no longer recollect) of numbers currently sold, of the cost of going to a convention in the Midwest and the number of books sold there. To hear success stories and troubles. The adds put in papers. The cost of a cover artist recognized in the field and the sort of contract you make with them.

I've done very little roleplaying and I cannot recall ever having used a role playing book aside from looking someone's last name up in a copy of my roommate's book on Monsters. So while I've sat and glanced through a book or two of his last summer I can't evaluate them. His novels I haven't read. But, I can solemnly vouch that the Pirate board game is definitely good enough to sell. Any board game in which you can enjoy loosing deserves to be sold on the market.

An aside on dungeons. )

I post this because I thought you would find the problem interesting to think about and the dungeon neat. I want to post it because I would like to hear your input on how to advance these games both because I think some of you could in your words provide help (a number of you are very much into the roleplaying world and probably know useful things and can therefore both from your knowledge and intelligence provide helpful input) and because my (incorrigible) curiosity (as always) would be interested to know your thoughts on bringing ideas to market.
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Hiked through snow today; it was beautiful.
katmerlin: (Ronia) (re)decide running and sliding in your socks is a fun activity.
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Computer decided to stop working. Am in the Lac.
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I'm not going to be sleeping much at all tonight if I can help it.

If people would drop in periodicaly to steal hot cocoa from me or make sure I'm not eating my keyboard that would be welcomed.
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In which we once again rediscover that hot cocoa is indeed hot. I now have 8 packages of it courtesy of realizing that going home for Thanksgiving means I have flex. If you would like some, bring your own cup and come. This offer good until either I run out of hot cocoa or am not here.
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I shouldn't be this out of it. *makes face*. *going to bed*.
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I like horses. The way the first lady came up to us, the way Bambi was so friendly. There was one that curled its head around me and it was almost like a hug. Universe, I thank you for having someone to take me in the middle of the night to visit horses.
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Today I acted out Romeo and Juliet with hand-llamas for ~7miles on bike. Voices and much of the long speeches were provided by my mother and sister. Props, costume, and wardrobe were provided by a green maple leaf. The performance included such moving scenes as the biting of the thumb fight, the masquerade ball, the balcony scene, and the death scene. My favorite part was the conflict between Romeo and the wall outside Juliet's garden (Romeo won). My Mother's favorite was probably the part in the death scene where Juliet wakes up (The surprised look on her face and her attempt to revive him. If he hadn't already been dead, she no doubt would have killed him). In other news, Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave.
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If I was to take some sort of martial-arts class sometime this coming year at the five-C, what would you recommend? Also, which would be most useful in a street fight?
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May I please have what advice/recommendations/comments you can give in regard to math grad schools? What are good math grad schools? Weak ones? What are different schools strong in? What can you tell me about other benefits and draw-backs of the mentioned schools? When do I need to focus myself to a specific area of math? (What area of math would you recommend I focus on? Persuade me.) If you applied to grad schools in math, what schools did you apply to and why? What would you recommend applying to? Thank you so much. - Katie
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Last weekend I went to Cannon Beach (in Oregon) with relatives and we entered the Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest. (Sandcastle Website). Mother, Bridget, cousins Jessica and Marcy, and I made the dragon one.

Slightly more description of the dragon )

On the web you can find some pictures at Some Pictures. The main sandcastle site (as listed above) will also have pictures at some point, but they weren't up last I checked.