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Many of you may have noticed [livejournal.com profile] willworker's lj was hijacked recently.

I would strongly suggest you check what emails are able to take control of your account by visiting here.

What happened to [livejournal.com profile] willworker: At one point he used a hotmail account to authenticate lj. He switched to a different email for authentication and eventually abandoned the hotmail account altogether. Someone else claimed the hotmail account and used it to take control of [livejournal.com profile] willworker's lj and post links to a new 'blog' with malware?? [livejournal.com profile] willworker has his lj back now (sans 8 years of entries).

Further notes by [livejournal.com profile] news here.

The above links etc from talking to [livejournal.com profile] willworker.


Dec. 29th, 2008 07:45 pm
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Phone's back. Same number as before. (Now with AT&T should that matter to anyone.)


Dec. 18th, 2008 05:14 am
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Snow patterns here are so weird.

Seattle: Barely sticking
520: Lake WA to 405: Snow on the ground, cars traveling slowly and mostly sticking to a single lane
Get off 520 after 405: Suddenly no snow on the ground
My complex (Bridle Trails): I couldn't get my car to do anything more than move back and forth pathetically for quite a number of minutes after I had to stop for the gate. I couldn't get my car up the hill to where it belongs. Parked somewhere and walked home.

This would all probably be more interesting if you had a better sense of how really close together all of this is.

Anyway I recommend staying home if your driving near where I live. Or having a way better car. At least at crazy time o'clock there isn't any traffic.
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Aim, Msn, Update, and Vista time synchronization weren't connecting even though I could browser connect to the internet just fine.

Upon closer inspection my computer had 2007 as the year. Manually changed to 2008 and everything works again.

Which leaves me the lingering question of how did my year get changed. Aim & msn were working for me yesterday and I certainly haven't fiddled with the year myself.

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Quite possibly old news to you, but I stumbled across this today:
In Google Maps for supported cities you can see snapshots images as if you're standing in any of the streets facing any horizontal direction.

  1. Go to San Diego in Google Maps.
  2. Click on the "Street View" button (upper right of the map image) - this highlights all the streets you can see images of
  3. Zoom in until the camera icon turns into a person icon (or click on the camera icon and hit zoom in)
  4. Click on the person icon - you should see an image of the street. You can rotate the image, click on the street lines to move down the street, or drag the person icon to move to different points in the city
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Questionable Content -> Dinosaur Comic -> Xkcd -> repeat

*Warm fuzzy feeling*

& Google of course.

Kindle 1

Jan. 9th, 2008 09:51 pm
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Once upon a time, in a castle at the edge of a great sea, there lived a monkey obsessed with paperclips. Days passed with his consuming manic desire creating more and more exotic constructions. He built giraffes, model helicopters, giant paperclip fortresses with little clip-men on clip-horses. He dived in the inner workings of cells and nuclei. He made paperclip clocks and small flying machines. One day he surpassed himself.

    Writing Rules:
  1. First person to include the word "madness" in their comment takes next control of the story.
    • Person A writes paragraph. Person B comments "I claim this madness". Person B writes the next paragraph in their journal.
  2. As part of taking control you may add or modify one rule.
  3. You may choose to write only one character's part of a dialog by commenting with "half-madness" (or quarter etc).
    • Person A writes paragraph. B comments "half-madness". C comments "half-madness." B and C each post half of the two person conversation. Person C allows no comments on their post and links to B's paragraph. Person D comments "madness" on B's paragraph. Person D writes paragraph. (Note that D could continue the story line before C posts or even comments))
Occurred to me today and I thought you might like it. If no one likes the gauntlet before tomorrow I'll delete it. (If taken, I may eventually copy to funwiki and then delete my parts.)
Edit: Apparently lj inserts the time/date my computer thinks it is. So east coasters know that in my frame of reference is PCT or what have you. Umm... yeah. Apparently in my frame of reference I live a couple of weeks behind the rest of you. Originally posted evening of January 21, 2008. Original date makred as
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I have to get a laptop soon.*

Highest nonstandard criteria is 'quiet'. All electronics stores I've ever been in are fairly noisy. I'm wondering if you have suggestions/recommendations/warnings (on quietness, on your laptop, on laptop purchasing in general).

I find that since I got my apartment I'm reluctant to turn on my computer because it hums and I don't like the sound. I don't remember this happening to me at Mudd. Probably because I had reasons I had to turn on the computer and so I turned it on and once/while my mind is consumed by things I don't mind the sound. But I've noticed the reluctance since Mudd, inhibiting me from accomplishing things that I don't need to do but I would do without the humming.

*[Given Periwinkle(my computer)'s insubordination recently (Not turning on unless I prod it for half an hour and hope), in light of its age (2001? The shock!), and the fact that I'm endlessly migrating it between rooms...]

Bridget's coming home today. She's traveling Japan and China Jan-Feb timeframe so if there are useful contacts I should pass on to her so if she gets stranded in strange cities...

This is definitely me
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Flying back to Seattle tomorrow, Thursday, 6pm (EST leave DC) - 9pm (PST arrive). Having dinner with business partners tonight and then probably free from 8pm onwards? Tomorrow attending talks until noon and then might have some time in the afternoon depending on business.

Is there anyone I know in DC I should attempt to convince to kidnap me assuming I do actually get to leave the hotel? I should have posted this sooner - I didn't find out I was coming until Monday morning. I'm reachable by cell phone.

I hope things are well with all of you.
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August 11, 2007. Sat. Dragontail Peak. [PicsB] [PicsR] [PicsM] 1 2

July 11, 2007. Wed. Red Mt near Snoqualmie Pass. [I Exist] [PicsJ]

June 23, 2007. Sat. Kaleetan Peak. [PicsM] [JnPics]

June 9, 2007. Baring Peak. [PicsF]

June 3, 2007. Sun. South Ingells Peak. [Ingells] 1

June 2, 2007. Sat. Bean & Earl. [My group]
May 12, 2007. Rock. Erie. [Scenery]
April 29, 2007. Sun. Cowboy. [Fun sliding down hills]
March 18, 2007. Heybrook Ridge. [Scenery]
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“That should do it,” Muldoon said. “Standard elephant gets about two hundred cc’s, but they’re only two or three tons each. Tyrannosaurus rex is eight tons, and a lot meaner. That matters to the dose.”
“Animal dose is partly body weight and partly temperament. You shoot the same dose of 709 into an elephant, a hippo, and a rhino – you’ll immobilize the elephant, so it just stands there like a statue. You’ll slow down the hippo, so it gets kind of sleepy but it keeps moving. And the rhino will just get fighting mad. But, on the other hand, you chase a rhino for more than five minutes in a car and he’ll drop dead from adrenaline shock. Strange combination of tough and delicate.”
-- Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, Chapter Tyrannosaur, page 289-290


Jan. 25th, 2007 06:41 am
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[QueenOfWands] [Sluggy][IrregularWebcomic]
Off topic: [BiteMe]

[Barometer]. [HellExothermic] [] <-Just in case these missed you.

[Finite Simple Group of Order Two Song(Klein Four)] (2ndLink)(klein four)
[LongestPath (Daniel Barrett)]
[CodeMonkeySong](Jonathan Coulton)

Must run. Will finish this up later.
What else should I put here?

Edit: Content above morphed occasionally in response to comments and at will.


Aug. 15th, 2005 09:49 am
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Information came today...

I will be flying into and out of LAX:

August 16, 2005 - arrive 5pm
August 21, 2005 - depart 7pm

night of Aug 16 - Renaissance Hotel
nights of Aug 17-20 - Emily's in Culver City

I should have a Rental Car Aug 16-17 but not Aug 17-21.
(I'm not sure yet how long I'll have a car on the 17th.)
I should be in email contact Aug 17-21.

Just finished having a phone interview and I'll have another (in person) interview at 2pm today. After that I'll try and call people. If I fail and just end up packing more, if you're in the LA/Claremont area and would want to try and get together ... Please call(/email) me.

Sorry about short notice; things are a little strange over here.

Take care.
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Thank you to all of you for the past four years. Thank you so very much for being there for me, for the joy you've brought to things, for the silliness, for the late night conversations, for the company.

I hope to keep in touch with many of you for the rest of my life. One way or another. Infrequently perhaps, but still connected. If you ever need me, or want me, find me. I will listen.

I think I may need to disappear for awhile (from lj, from schmack, from wiki, maybe from aim) (perhaps for a couple of weeks, perhaps for half a year). But, I will come back. So long as I am not killed or am not in a place where internet is impractical, you have my word that I will come back to you (if not to schmack) in a year.

If there is anything you want me to see or think I would want to see, please email me to be sure I see it. I may, as I said disappear for awhile, but I will for sure get email. If I don't reply to email eventually, assume something has happened and please email again. Also, for the time being, assume I am local to the Seattle area and if you happen to pass through there I would love to hear from you and perhaps if I am still local at that point we can get together.

I may keep contact information at Contact Information, but I'm not sure how good I'll be at keeping this updated.

Today is my sister, Bridget's, birthday.

For those of you wondering about my future, I'm heading back to Washington (I'll stay a few days at Sunriver in Oregon on the way up) and looking for work. There will be time now that classes are over to look into this more thoroughly than I have at school. It is possible that I will eventually end up in grad school, goodness knows I like learning, but for now I'm stepping out of academia. Any advice or help you can give me in finding a stimulating job (somewhere greener than LA), would be very very greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated today. Best wishes to all of you both graduates and non graduates. Keep in touch. Take care,
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Sometimes bits of life are Hell.

So much bad with the good. So much good with the bad.

So much beauty and ugliness.

Honor and abandonment.

Love and hate.