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Jan. 9th, 2008 09:51 pm
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Once upon a time, in a castle at the edge of a great sea, there lived a monkey obsessed with paperclips. Days passed with his consuming manic desire creating more and more exotic constructions. He built giraffes, model helicopters, giant paperclip fortresses with little clip-men on clip-horses. He dived in the inner workings of cells and nuclei. He made paperclip clocks and small flying machines. One day he surpassed himself.

    Writing Rules:
  1. First person to include the word "madness" in their comment takes next control of the story.
    • Person A writes paragraph. Person B comments "I claim this madness". Person B writes the next paragraph in their journal.
  2. As part of taking control you may add or modify one rule.
  3. You may choose to write only one character's part of a dialog by commenting with "half-madness" (or quarter etc).
    • Person A writes paragraph. B comments "half-madness". C comments "half-madness." B and C each post half of the two person conversation. Person C allows no comments on their post and links to B's paragraph. Person D comments "madness" on B's paragraph. Person D writes paragraph. (Note that D could continue the story line before C posts or even comments))
Occurred to me today and I thought you might like it. If no one likes the gauntlet before tomorrow I'll delete it. (If taken, I may eventually copy to funwiki and then delete my parts.)
Edit: Apparently lj inserts the time/date my computer thinks it is. So east coasters know that in my frame of reference is PCT or what have you. Umm... yeah. Apparently in my frame of reference I live a couple of weeks behind the rest of you. Originally posted evening of January 21, 2008. Original date makred as


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